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PM Narendra Modi gifts our sandalwood artefact made in Rajasthan ‘Krishna Pankhi’ to his Japanese counterpart Fumio Kishida

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gifted his Japanese counterpart Fumio Kishida, a ‘Krishna Pankhi’, a sandalwood artefact made in Rajasthan by the Jangid Family (Malji Arts) with intricate work with its windows depicting different poses of Lord Krishna, epitomising love, compassion and tenderness.

The intricate carving on the sandalwood is done with precision by National Awarded Jangid Family, who carve the already impressive sandalwood artefact into a beautiful and elegant masterpiece of art.

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Sh. Malji Kalakar

Sh. Malchand Ji Kalakar (National Award Winner- 1971) was an artist par excellence who was self-taught in the art of miniature carving on sandalwood. He had once told his children that he had seen a dream where God asked him to do miniature carvings to earn a living. He lived up to the dream and soon sat down to work. People in the sleepy town of Churu disregarded his words as that of a maverick. Soon afterwards, when his exquisite carving was ready, it caught the attention of a local businessman. Such was the impact of his skill on the businessman that MALJI was told that whatever he made would be bought by him. In the 1950s, for the first piece that he sold to the Nahta family, he got a princely (in those days) sum of ₹20 for his effort.

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Exclusive Range is the most expensive which takes months maybe years to make. All of these products are made by President Award Winner "The Jangid Family" from India.

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Malji Arts Indian has grown out of a long-held desire to provide artisans of India with a platform to showcase their art; and has been nurtured with passion, love, and careful curation. Each of our items is handpicked to add a touch of luxury to your home, even as it sustains a legacy of the craft behind it.

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