Jangid Family is grateful for the opportunity to support other artisans who share their passion.

Jangid family are committed to promoting the art of woodcarving and supporting the livelihoods of skilled artisans. In light of the current economic climate, they have taken it upon themselves to hire a team of twelve artisans, who have been left without work due to the pandemic. The family provides the artisans with a steady stream of work and a guaranteed income. Furthermore, the artisans are given all the necessary raw materials, tools, and equipment to complete their work from the comfort of their own homes. The family even takes care of the transportation of the finished pieces, ensuring that the artisans are not burdened with any additional expenses.

#Handmade in india (भारतीय हस्तकला)

शिल्प कला ~ रोज़ाना में काम आने वाली केवल एक वस्तु नही, बल्कि शिल्पकारो के खरे हाथो से जन्म लिया एक असाधारण कलाकारी है, जो हमारी सभ्ययता के सभ्य हॊने का प्रतीक है ।

हमारा शिल्प, हमारे समाज के साथ, कई विचार, विश्वास और विज्ञान लिए विकसित हुआ है । इन विचारो और कहानियो को जाने बिना इन वस्तुओं को सराहना या महसूस करना मुस्किल है। ये कहानियाँ ना केवल शिल्प को सराहने मै सहयोग करती है, बल्कि हमारे सामने एक सादगीपूर्ण एवं आकर्षक जीवन का उदाहरण भी प्रस्तुत करती है । शिल्पकारी सदियों से हमारे समाज मे लोगो के व्यवसाय का म्हत्वपूर्ण अंग रहा है, परन्तु औधोगिकीकरण, मशीनों के सस्ते और जल्दी मिर्माण ने इस व्यवस्था पे महत्वपूर्ण प्रभाव डाला है ।

मालजी आर्ट्स योजना के तहत हम इन खूबसूरत हस्तशिल्प को एक वस्तु की तरह नहीं बल्कि, इनके महत्त्व और मीठी कहानियो के साथ पहचान दिलाना चाहते है। हम ना केवल इन वस्तुऒ का व्यापार, बल्कि इनके कलाकारों एवं पसंद करने वालो के बीच एक रिश्ता एवं बातचीत शरू करना चाहते है जिससे समाज मे सभी साथ मे कदम मिलाकर विकास कर सके ।

अन्तत:…हम अंधरे मै छिपे इन कलाकारों के चेहरो को एक पहचान देना चाहते है ।

————— ~ —————

Handicraft ~ The act of ‘hand-crafting’ an object to suffice a daily chore; to pacify a need of faith; as an artistic expression; or perhaps to hone the dexterity of a pair of hands. This act of ‘crafting’ is but the most potent proof of the ‘civil-ness’ within any civilization. The ancient act of crafting almost always is a reflection of the times… and sometimes is powerful enough to make time itself its reflection.

Deep within its bowels, a craft holds dear the myths, legends, and faiths that lent it its form, these stories desperately need to be shared with the onlooking audience. These stories not only help the onlooker appreciate the craft righteously but also offer many a lessons in humble living. It’s the transfer of this value-system more than the craft itself, which is the objective of the ‘Gaatha’ project.

Handicrafts have weathered many a storms at the hands of increased industrialization and overall paradigm shifts in the crafts’ production and consumption ecosystem. The global consumer now slowly wakes to the actual ecological price that the increasingly mechanized and plastic-addicted industries entail. They are more willing now than ever before to hear and pay heed to the tales of craft.

The ‘Gaatha’ project was conjured to play that key role of storytelling, and therewith bringing social and commercial benefits to the artisan settlements. We desire to become the instrument though which the artisans can directly connect with the global audience, we desire to be the resource which helps craft sell not as objects but stories and ideologies. We are vying to make not just ‘sales‘ but ‘dialogues’ between the craftsmen and their patrons, encouraging ‘co-creation’ possibilities and a collective growth. We are committed to keeping all the good practices intact and all processes humane, just andecologically balanced.



At Malji Art, we seek to bring the finest handicrafts to you. Rooted in the craft traditions of India, we work with Master Artisans. The Recognized. The Revered. The Rewarded. Malji Art brings to you pieces of art unmatched in quality and borne out of love. Our handicraft items come with our personal guarantee along with a certificate of authenticity. When you buy handcrafted products from us, you receive a genuine handicraft item, directly from the homes of Indian master artisans.